Yesterday at my home box, Oger CrossFit where I work out and coach we did Fran. Fran consists of 21 thrusters & pull-ups, followed by 15 more thrusters and pull ups, and finished with 9 additional thrusters & pull ups.  You can see Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser attempting Fran here.

The warm up / into to the day’s battle was a run around the block. We all ran especially slow because we knew the pain that was to follow.

This workout is brutal for anyone, however I find it especially agonizing. Allow me to explain. A thruster consists of holding a bar loaded up to 95 lbs in a front rack position, then going down into a full front squat, followed by standing up as fast as you can, and once you hips are fully extended you guide the bar into a fully locked out position overhead. Since I am a larger CrossFit athlete, being 6′-2″ tall and 225 lbs, that bar has a long way to travel from the bottom of my front squat to fully locked out overhead. Despite hating thrusters and being horrible at them I managed to do all 21 unbroken, that is with out putting the bar down, before moving onto my 21 pull ups.

Pull-ups are another one of my personal struggles due to the 225 lbs of body weight I have to pull up to get my chin over the bar. In the past I’ve used a kipping pull-up technique, but lately I’ve been working on my butterfly pull ups which can be linked together much faster, but at the same time wear me out much faster. I managed to do 12 unbroken, followed 6 or 7 more, and finally 2 or 3 to finish the set of 21. Eventually I was able to finish all my pull ups combining sets of kipping and butterfly pull ups. By the end all I could do was one kipping pull up at a time due to being utterly exhausted.

After a somewhat lazy summer of only working out 1 to 2 times a week I somehow managed to finish with a time of 6 minutes and 52 seconds, 4 seconds faster than my last time which totally surprised me. Hopefully this will help motivate me heading into the slower rainy days of Fall in Seattle when I’ll have less going on and be able to work out 3-5 days on average.




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