Another View of Wealth

This past Friday my Fiance and I were thrown an engagement party at a local bar. Three of her friends got together, and tackled a different task, one brought flowers, the other cake, another one brought streamers and balloons. The cake was from our favorite local bakery and was delicious! I’m not normally a huge fan of cake so that is really saying something. The flowers came from the world’s best farmers market where you can get amazing deals on flowers year round.

Pike Place Market Pic

By the end of the night I think that we had a little over 30 friends come by to celebrate with us. We shared laughs and drinks, a few too many on my end, and overall had a great time. And while a little over 30 people isn’t a huge number, it meant a lot to us.

We both moved to Seattle, around two years ago, without knowing more than one or two people. And those one or two people were friends of hers, I didn’t know anyone other that my, at the time, girlfriend. Over the past two years we poured a lot of love and energy into our work, friends, the gym, etc. and to see a small glimpse of the return on that investment made us both feel very wealthy.

Engagement Pic


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