New PR on Diane

After taking all of last week off from working out in order to work some overtime and travel to Dallas for a wedding I finally made it back to the gym for a workout on Monday. As of lately we have been starting the week off with a bang via Benchmark Monday where we take on one of the select few benchmark workouts of the day, aka WODs, known far and wide in the CrossFit community, or one that was specially cooked up at Oger.

This Monday’s WOD was Diane, one of my personal adversaries. It’s made up of 21 reps of deadlifts at 225 lbs, 21 hand stand push ups, HSPUs, 15 deadlifts, 15 HSPUs, 9 deadlifts, and finished with 9 HSPUs. The deadlifts aren’t a problem for me, I was able to do my first set of 21 unbroken, then in the set of 15 I did 10 followed by 5 more, and finished my last 9 unbroken. The HSPUs are another story. I mentioned in another article that I’m a larger CrossFit athlete, 6′-2″ and 225 lbs. Pushing that up a wall is not easy! And once your shoulders get burnt out you have to wait… Unless you aren’t able to recover to continue you’ll have to end up scaling your HSPUs to finish the workout, which I’ve usually had to do in the past.

The last time I did this workout, 7/1/1013, it took me over 24 minutes to get through. My shoulders just didn’t want to push me up the wall. This time I came prepared with a plan of attack. If I do as many HSPUs as I can with out coming off the wall I can get through about 8, but after that my shoulders are cooked. That’s what happened last time and it took forever to drudge through those things. This time I didn’t let myself do more than 2 at a time before coming off the wall, allowing my to save some strength and get through the workout quicker.

Coach Josh's Diane Time

Coach Josh’s Diane Time

All and all I finished with a time of 17:25, over 6 minutes faster than last time! I know this is a long way off from the top level CrossFit Athletes who complete the same work out in around 2 minutes, but none the less it is a huge improvement for yours truly. I was not expecting this at all due to the fact that for our strength session that day we did 3 sets of 7 wobbly shoulder presses, which means attaching a kettle bell via band to the bar and pressing it overhead from a standing position. Who knows, maybe it helped to warm my shoulders up, or maybe I could have been sub 17 if I hadn’t done the strength work that day.

My new goal for Diane is to get my time under 15 minutes.


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