Going to the Dentist…

Strong ToothI received a reminder in the mail for an upcoming dentist appointment. I, like most people, dread going to the dentist. Thankfully I have been given strong teeth genes, allowing me to have never experienced the joy of a cavity… Knock on wood.

For me going to the dentist happens every 6 months for the semiannual cleaning and check up. This leads to the the typical conversation with the dental hygienist of what’s new with life. I found myself doing a bit of reflecting in anticipation. A lot has been happening these past couple of 6 month periods, while at the same time in the middle of a typical week with in one of those 6 month periods it doesn’t feel like much has happened.

Looking back on this particular 6 month period I’ve: 

Wow, looking back a ton has happened these past 6 months, I’ve been busy. Isn’t it weird having done all that I have, on a typical rainy Tuesday in Seattle I can feel like I haven’t been up to much? Thanks Google Calendar for the reminder.

How do I choose what to tell the dental hygienist about?


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