Atomic Total, New PR!

Atomic Total ScoresYesterday at my box we did Atomic Total for our WOD. This workout consists of 2 minutes of max effort in each of six movements, with 4 minutes of rest between each movement. Four minutes sounds like a more than enough time for rest but believe me it goes fast! The six movements are: Push Ups, Air Squats, Pull Ups, Kettle Bell Swings, Sit Ups, and Power Cleans @ 135 lbs.

The last time we did this workout was around the end of July 2013, and since then I had been consistently working out 2-3 times per week. Somehow I surprised myself with a new personal record!

My approach to this workout, and most workouts in CrossFit, is to think of a goal for each movement, in this case it was a certain number of reps. I looked at my scores from last time and tried to beat each number of reps by at least one rep. Since I had two minutes of work I wanted to make sure I was well over halfway towards this goal by the time I was one minute into my two minutes, because as I fatigued there was no way I’d hit the same number of reps in the second minute unless I had really slowed myself in the first minute.


My scores are below.


Pull UpDate:                                  7/29/13     10/21/13

Push Ups                             54                 59

Air Squats                            92                 98

Pull Ups                                32                 33

Kettle Bell Swings              50                 51

Sit Ups                                   58                54

Power Cleans                      22                23

Total                                      308             318

Somehow I managed to improve in 5 out of 6 categories, with the lone exception being sit ups. My decline in sit ups was a result of my simultaneous efforts to refrain from seeing my lunch again.

I’m pleased with my improvement, and at the same time see areas I can gain in next time. Hopefully my improvement is result of increased fitness and not increased experience with this workout and thus knowing how to strategically go about it. In reality it is probably a mixture of both.



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