December 2013 Debt Update

Get comfy debt, you're staying out in the cold!

Get comfy debt, you’re staying out in the cold!

December this year in Seattle has turned into a pretty chilly one. We have had almost a week straight of days where they high has remained below freezing, rare for Seattle. And to make things even less enjoyable, we haven’t got to enjoy any snow at all. if it is going to be this cold we should, at the very least, get to go sledding or something!

Well either way, when given lemons make lemonade, and so I shall. I imagine my debt locked out in the cold, slowly being frozen out of my life. It makes me delighted to see the cancer of my financial life slowing withering away.

Student Loans Remaining: $22,529.99 (-$496.75)

Rental House Mortgage: $110,619.61 (-$246.93)

Grand Total: $133,149.60(-$743.68)

Total Debt Paid off this Year: $8,769.69

2013 Dec total_debt2013 Dec student_loans


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