2013 In Review

IMG_2618Whew… What a year it has been. I’ll list a few of the highlights later.

While it has been fun, it has also been tough. I’ve had a lot of balls in the air at once and some how managed to keep most of them afloat. 2013 started with four months straight of studying and going to class in preparation for the PE exam. My backpack probably weighed around 25 lbs with the books I was carrying around with me so I could study during lunch at work. I hated studying for that test, and sitting through a class Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30 to 9:30 for six weeks. Usually for the first hour I dozed off or half struggled to stay awake after working all day. A lot of the topics were on subjects I hadn’t thought of since leaving college over five years ago. I went into preparing for the test totally under confident thus probably causing me to over study, either way I came out with a with a passing score and that works for me. I’ll never know if I over studied or not because they don’t release the scores. If you pass you are told so, and if you fail you are informed of what you need to work on.

My biggest current challenges is balancing coaching CrossFit after work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with attending my real estate class from 6-9 pm Tuesday and Thursday. By the time I get to the weekend I typically don’t want to leave the apartment. For whatever reason five months after finishing up with the PE Test Prep Class I forgot how much it sucked to sit in class after work and decided to do it again, only this time instead of six weeks I’d go for 9 months. Awesome! Hopefully this will lead to a kick ass job in the future.

As you probably already know I’ve been stashing cash and PTO for the upcoming wedding. I’m finally bumping up against my savings goal for the year and with this year’s year end bonus I was able to pay off the first, and smallest, of my student loans. That’s a whopping $831.27 of debt gone! Man that felt good, and now I can’t wait to pay for more. I’m finding myself repeatedly looking at my budget, anxious to finish with all of the month’s expenses so I can throw the remainder at more debt.

By saving up as much PTO as I could, I’m able to roll over 56 hours of 2013’s PTO into 2014. And 2014 means I’m finally going to get to start enjoying all those stored up days free of the cube, finally! I’ve got enough to go to 4 weddings, one mine, one my sister’s, and two friends. Plus I’m going to get to go on a ski trip to Colorado with the guys and a 10 day honeymoon to Greece with the new wife.

Looking back on 2013 and beginning to look ahead at 2014 has really helped me envision some of the payoffs from keeping my nose to the grindstone. All of those lunches brought to work instead of eating out, all of those days my ass sat in a cube and PTO days not cashed in, on hold for a brighter future. I’m excited about the coming year, the interest on those investments is starting to add up.

A short list of some of the major events of the past year:

Black Hat

Black Hat

Got Engaged

Passed the PE Exam

Got my Black hat at the gym (This is a big deal at Oger CrossFit, trust me)

Paid off ~$9k in debt

Recovered and drastically improved my balance sheet after purchasing an engagement ring, and replacing all the flooring and painting my rental house.

Finished the first quarter of a three quarter commercial real estate certificate

Read a bunch of books

Took some great pictures

Went to a few new places

Got to be a in friend’s wedding


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