March 2014 Debt Update

Sunset on the CloudsAnother month has passed, and another student loan has bitten the dust. I now have two $200 per month payments that I’m never paying again, allowing me an extra $400 per month to throw the remainder at my student loans. And the debt snowball continues to roll on.

At this point, I’ve started paying more on my student loans than I have income coming in by chipping away at my savings. My thought path is if I didn’t have the debt and a smaller savings account would I go out and take out a loan to have the extra cash? That’s an easy question to answer, HELL NO!

I’ve been imagining the sun above the clouds for so long, and now those rays are finally starting to break through.

Here are this month’s tally’s:

Student Loans Remaining: $10,032.16 (-$5,301.11)

Rental House Mortgage: $109,872.64 (-$250.03)

Grand Total: $119,904.80 (-$5,551.14) !

Total Debt Paid off this Year: $13,244.80*

*I’ve paid off more debt the first quarter of this year than I’ve paid off in total for another other past year. The chains are coming off!

2014 Mar Student Loans2014 Mar Total Debt


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