April 2014 Debt Update

IMG_1247Big news this month on two fronts. I got married and finished paying off my student loans.

The wedding went better than I could have ever asked. She said, “I do” and now we are living happily ever after.

A big part of that living happily ever after means that we are now living without the burden of student loans. After knocking out the last few big remaining wedding expenses we took some of our extra savings and paid off the remainder.

It has been a long journey, taking six years since I graduated. That investment in my education is paying dividends and I’m very thankful for the experience, but I will not miss that payment.

This is also a huge item I can check off my list of goals. Next up is paying down the mortgage on my rental house to the point where I have 30% equity and can refinance.

Without further ado, here is April”s tally:

Student Loans Remaining: $0 (-$10032.16)

Rental House Mortgage: $109,621.57 (-$251.07)

Grand Total: $109,621.57 (-$10,283.23)!

Total Debt paid off this year: $23,528.03

2014 April Student Loans


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