Run a Marathon (02/2007)

Pass my LEED AP BD+C Exam (01/2012)

Pass my Professional Engineering Exam (04/12/2013)

Start a Blog (09/10/2013)

Financial Goals:

  • Pay of Student Loans Completed April 2014
  • Fully fund emergency fund of 3-6 months of expenses Completed April 2014
  • Reach 20% Equity in rental house to drop PMI Completed June 2014
  • Increase equity position in rental house to a minimum of 30% Completed August 2014
  • Fund down payment of 20% for future house.
  • Buy into Employee Stock Ownership Plan at work

Fitness Goals:

  • Keep things in check overall.
  • Maintain enough cardio to jump in the occasional 5k or 10k.
  • Maintain strength as needed to lift heavy stuff.

Travel Goals:

  • Visit all 50 states of the US
  • Visit all 7 continents: Thus far I’ve been to Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Only three to go, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica left.

“A sacred burden is this life ye bear: 
Look on it, lift it, bear it solemnly, 
Stand up and walk beneath it steadfastly. 
Fail not for sorrow, falter not for sin, 
But onward, upward, till the goal ye win.”

Frances Anne Kemble


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